Millmoor Rig Wind Farm - Latest News

Millmoor Rig Wind Farm - Latest News


Welcome to our Millmoor Rig Wind Farm Latest News

We regularly update this page for the latest information relating to our public consultation events and our Section 36 application, and to provide access to new project documentation as it becomes available.

West Durham Wind Farm

ESB West Durham Wind Farm, England

November 2022

ESB submitted a Section 36 planning application to the Scottish Government's Energy Consents Unit (ECU), and the formal consultation period for the application is now open. All planning application documents can be accessed via the ECU's website, of can be viewed and downloaded on the Millmoor Rig Wind Farm homepage. 

Design Updates

In the latest iteration of the Millmoor Rig Wind Farm layout, turbines T5 and T6 have been increased slightly from 210m to 230m tip height. In the draft layout shown at the recent public consultation events, turbines T5 and T6 sat lower compared to other nearby turbines. In addition to offering an improvement to the overall generating capacity and reducing losses due to the turbulence caused by the surrounding forestry, the increase in their blade tip height to 230m creates a more balanced layout by reducing the apparent difference in height between turbines, without increasing the overall extent of visibility.


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