8 rapid electric vehicle chargers installed in London for EV drivers

WATCH: New 8-bay rapid EV charging hub in London (that’s enough renewable electricity to power 150 homes!)

We have great news for EV drivers in London, as ESB Energy unveils its new flagship eight-bay rapid charging hub for electric vehicles, off Glass Yard Road.

In association with Transport for London (TfL), the aptly named Glass Yard Hub is TfL’s first purpose-built, standalone electric vehicle charging hub in the city.

To give you an idea of how big a deal these new eight EV chargers are, they can provide the same amount of energy required to power 150 homes. That’s a lot of green energy. 

By using the new EV charging hub, London-based EV drivers are not only helping to cut carbon emissions, but they’re also contributing to the generation of renewable energy. The Glass Yard Hub features a state-of-the art solar-powered canopy, containing 52 solar panels. 

The Hub is just another step forward in ESB Energy’s commitment to reducing its carbon footprint, by not only supplying clean, green energy to thousands of homes and businesses across Britain, but by generating renewable electricity too. 

ESB Energy’s improved electric vehicle charging network also supports the UK government’s plans to improve air quality in London, which continues to be a major concern. 

ESB Energy partnered with TfL and Siemens to launch the Glass Yard Hub. Bath-based Hewitt Studios, a sustainable architectural company, designed the solar-powered canopy. 

The forecourt-style hub is located off Glass Yard Road, ancillary to the Woolwich Ferry, and within the Royal Borough of Greenwich. 

London EV drivers, what are you waiting for?


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